Improve your fuel consumption
Service your vehicles
Manage your fleet vehicles
Clean up your driving habits

Tankyou: a digital platform addressing the mobility needs of today’s world

We deliver every day


Innovative solutions for

managing your fleet


Reduce your fuel use

Tankyou can refuel your vehicles directly at your site, meaning that round trips to the petrol station are a thing of the past.


Keep your vehicles serviced

With our on-site servicing and cleaning solutions.


Track your fleet's TCO

In real time with your Tankyou space, including fuel use, mileage readings, and much more.

vehicles refuelled every month

companies that trust our services every day

of CO2 saved every month

saved by our pro customers on average every month

Local authorities

Services for enhancing your fleet management performance


Rein in your operating costs

Our mobile petrol stations refuel your vehicles and machinery directly where they are parked.


Improve your mobility performance

Our on-site servicing solutions ensure that your vehicles are always ready for action.


Enhance your CSR credentials

With the Tankyou platform and its electronic services for creating a more positive impact on society and the environment.

Private individuals

Refuel your vehicle wherever and whenever you want


Adopt a simple and effective refuelling solution

Order, track and pay as part of a fully online experience.


Wherever and whenever you want

Whether at home or at work, if your fuel filler cap is unlocked, we can refuel your vehicle without your presence required!


Be more eco-friendly

Reduce your travel and lower your carbon footprint.

Fuelling the mobility revolution of tomorrow’s world

The time has come for a change! The time has come to embrace a greener, more intelligent form of mobility delivering superior efficiency, with countless benefits for everyone. 

That is why we have pioneered a digital vehicle services platform to revolutionise the customer experience. Now you can order a wide array of services online for your vehicle or fleet, including refuelling, car washing and tyre inflation. Fuel can be delivered to your company site or even at home. Our services are available whenever you need them and always come with a smile!