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Our mission

Tankyou is driving mobility to the next level by giving users greater freedom and independence

Everyday life is a constant source of headaches for drivers. Should they buy or lease their vehicle? Where is the nearest petrol station? Where should they get their vehicle serviced or repaired? Where can they park? Where can they get the best insurance deal? Not only does the list seem endless, but they also have to contend with several different contact people and navigate a course through the countless solutions on offer, most of which are non-digital, inefficient and time-consuming. We are determined to transform their obstacle course into a seamless experience.
That is why we have pioneered a digital vehicle services platform to revolutionize the customer experience.

Now you can order a wide array of services online for your vehicle or fleet, including refuelling, car washing, interior disinfection and tyre inflation. All these services can be performed at your company site or even at home. Our services are available whenever you need them and always come with a smile!

Over 400 companies have already chosen our solutions.

Every day, our petrol, diesel, red diesel, CNG and AdBlue delivery services play a key role in reducing our customers’ fuel consumption, lowering their carbon footprint and streamlining their operations.
Antoine Roussel

The time has come for a change! The time has come to embrace a greener, smarter and more efficient mobility with countless benefits for everyone.

Our values

We are a team of dedicated individuals championing the same five values


These values influence and guide our every action. They power our ambition to consistently push beyond our limits and raise the performance bar ever higher. Working at Tankyou is a commitment to elevate the customer experience by continually going the extra mile. We are always laser-focused on setting the highest standards and achieving operational, business and financial excellence.

Our strategy

 the backbone of our strategy

Here at Tankyou, we are firm believers that taking an analytical look at habits and practices, the consensus and the established order is key to staying ahead of the innovation curve, even if that means tackling major challenges and turning conventions upside-down. We relish the prospect of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and proving that curiosity, ambition and excellence can be harnessed to deliver solutions to every problem. Our teams draw on the very best technologies to mastermind ground-breaking solutions that are capable of setting new standards and improving everyday life.

Our commitment

Soft and mobile distribution infrastructures to move the energy transition agenda forward

Fleet of delivery vehicles

The obstacle standing in the way of the mobility sector’s energy transition is not technology, but the distribution infrastructure. Clean vehicles may be a solution for the future, but the market is hamstrung by a lack of appropriate stations. Who is going to buy a hydrogen-powered car when there are only three hydrogen charging stations across the whole of Paris (compared to 1,000 diesel stations)? For example, a truck running on biogas will need to wait an average of 30 minutes to fill up at one of the 17 CNG stations in the Greater Paris region. And what about electric charging points?

hydrogen charging stations across the whole of Paris

average waiting time to fill up a truck with biogas

CNG stations in the Greater Paris region

At Tankyou, we are convinced that the only way to get the energy transition ball rolling with greater momentum in the mobility sector is to break down the hard infrastructure and roll out a mobile and soft upstream infrastructure. The energy transition needs to happen now, and all the teams at Tankyou are firmly committed to seeing that goal become a reality.

Our history

Juin 2016
Notre création

Avril 2017
1er litre livré

Avril 2017
Ouverture de Lille

Avril 2018
800 000 Litres livrés en 1 an

Mars 2019
Ouverture de Lyon

Juillet 2020
60 collabs & 10M L livrés

Our founders

Antoine Roussel


Antoine has been developing his entrepreneurial expertise for more than 12 years and is consistently driven by his aim of creating a positive impact on our everyday life. He thrives on challenges in all shapes and sizes, and is obsessed with time (and how it flies).

Ashley Poniatowski

General Manager

Ashley spent several years at Total before co-founding Tankyou with the aim of transforming the customer experience for businesses and consumers alike.

Abderrahman Bennani


Abderrahman was initially involved in transforming multinational corporations in the energy, automotive and transport industries. Three years later, he co-founded Tankyou with the sole determination of cementing the company’s reputation as an energy distribution and ecological transition powerhouse in France, Europe and worldwide.

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