For servicing your fleet
For reducing the TCO 
of your fleet

A one-stop service platform for businesses

The advantages with Tankyou for professionals

Harness a complete service platform

Tankyou offers a fuel delivery service as well as vehicle servicing solutions.

Save time and boost productivity

Forget about the hassle of swinging by the petrol station or seeing your vehicles at a standstill. Thanks to our services, your vehicles are always road-safe and ready to hit the road.

Shrink your fleet’s carbon footprint

On-site delivery, CNG breakdown refuelling service… these are just some of the solutions that will help curb your fleet’s CO2 emissions.

Fuel delivery

Gain greater control over 
your fleet’s fuel consumption

Our fuel delivery service is a simple and effective solution for:

Reducing your fuel consumption

We can deliver diesel, petrol, red diesel and CNG straight to your site.

Improving team productivity

You can save tremendous time by allowing your employees to focus on their assignments.

Bringing greater transparency and simplifying your operations

Your orders and your detailed fuel consumption data can be viewed at any time in the dashboard.

We deliver every day

Car Care Services by Tankyou

Vehicle cleaning and maintenance services

Order your on-site maintenance services

Forget about the hassle of taking your vehicles along to the local garage.

Always drive in complete safety

Through regular servicing and preventive maintenance.

Track your performance indicators

For each individual vehicle in your online account.

vehicles refuelled every month

companies that trust our services every day

of CO2 saved every month

spent at petrol stations

(average per month for a fleet of 20 vehicles)


All your services on a 
 one-stop platform

Order your services online

Fuel, AdBlue, vehicle servicing, and more

Track your performance indicators

Fleet fuel consumption, fuel costs, etc.

Access your centralised invoices 24/7

All your invoices are digitised and centralised.

Services offering easy implementation

1. Create your Tankyou online account

Fill in the details about your company, your fleet and your delivery locations.

2. Choose the required service

Fuel delivery, cleaning, servicing, tank hire…

3. Manage with the platform

Approve your quotations, specify the payment method and choose the service time slots.

Alexandre H.

“Since we’ve been using Tankyou’s services at our site in Bonneuil on the outskirts of Paris, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by cutting out round trips to the petrol station. Their fuel delivery service meets the requirements of our safety processes.”

Phillipe C.

“Tankyou’s solution is the ideal way to wipe out fuel fraud and prevent fuel consumption from slipping out of control.”

Nicolas D.

“Following a trial period, we decided to phase in Tankyou’s services at our sites. The service has proven to be a tremendous success with our drivers, since they can improve their delivery schedules while reducing their fuel consumption.”

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the fuel delivery service cost?

Our fuel prices are index-linked to the market and updated every day. This means that you will not pay any more for your petrol or diesel than such major fuel retailers as AVIA, BP and Shell. Since you will not need to embark on a round trip to the petrol station, you will actually save fuel!

What are the payment times for professionals?

Payments for professionals are debited every 10 days. For example, all deliveries between the 1st and 7th of the month will be debited on the 10th.

Is the price per litre higher than petrol station prices?


How can professionals place an order?

Register on our website and fill in the details about your company. Our team will get back to you the same day with a price proposal to reflect your company and your specific requirements.