Car Care Services by Tankyou:
On-site servicing for your fleet

Car Care Services by Tankyou

Tankyou provides on-site care for your fleet

Servicing and maintenance

All the products and services required to improve fleet safety and operational efficiency.

Disinfection and cleaning

Vehicles that are safe for your teams and always ready and available for you and your customers.

Fingertip control from the dashboard

Use the dedicated Pro Account to schedule services, view the history and access all your invoices.

The advantages of Tankyou’s

Car Care Services

Ensure safer journeys

With over 20 checks and regular servicing, you can rest assured that your fleet vehicles are perfectly road-safe.

Improve team productivity

Order your services online and we will perform them straight at your site! Prevent costly repairs and avoid seeing your vehicles needlessly sidelined.

Manage your fleet the easy way

Fleet managers can spend 25% more of their time on higher value-added activities.

Tankyou Products and Car Care Services

Servicing and maintenance

  • Fluid top-ups: engine oil, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid and engine coolant
  • AdBlue delivery
  • Battery charging and repairs
  • Mileage readings
  • General inspection

Cleaning and bodywork

  • Disinfection
  • Interior valeting
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Bodywork inspection


  • Tyre pressure
  • Tyre wear inspection and repairs
  • Tyre changing
  • Visual inspection of brake discs
  • Replacement of brake discs


  • Supply and changing of wiper blades
  • Glass inspection
  • Headlight inspection
  • Headlight delivery
  • Changing of headlights

Car Care Services… how does it work?

1. Sign into your Tankyou Pro Account

or call us directly on + 33 (0)1 86 76 08 88.

2. Choose your bespoke services and products

Servicing, maintenance or cleaning services anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

3. Keep a close eye on the condition of your vehicles and let Tankyou do the rest

Your vehicles are always road-safe and ready to hit the road!

Arnaud B.

“Thanks to Tankyou, we’ve managed to cut out all our petrol station runs by bringing our AdBlue use under control and keeping a closer eye on our fuel consumption.”

Hervé L.

“Tankyou’s Car Care Services have reduced our risk of getting a puncture…”

Martin A.

“We were already customers of their fuel delivery services, and now we’re getting Tankyou to check our engine levels and supply our AdBlue.”

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Frequently asked questions

How we can we see the price for the services available from Tankyou?

After registering on the Tankyou platform, you will have access to all the services and the associated prices. You will also be able to order online.

Are services only available to business customers?

No, even if you are a consumer, you will still have access to certain services (cleaning, tyres, etc.). Register here to find out more.

What types of services does Tankyou offer?

Click here to see the main services available from Tankyou. If you have any other questions, feel free to register or ask a question via our chat feature.

Are services available for all vehicles?

Nearly all! At the present time, only HGVs and commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons are not eligible for certain services.