Breakdown refueling service for CNG vehicles

We are here to support them

The advantages of Tankyou’s
mobile CNG station

Reduce your operating costs

Minimise your downtime and get your vehicle back on the road without a tow truck in sight; from €590 ex. VAT (for a HGV).

Improve safety

Our tanker drivers are certified to refuel your vehicle and avoid the risk of any towing-related damage.

Engage with the energy transition challenge and enjoy complete peace of mind

An effective, low-cost solution to keep your CNG vehicles always on the road.


A fast CNG breakdown refueling service

for superior efficiency guaranteed

Callout in less than two hours

Has one of your vehicles run out of CNG in the Ile-de-France region? Drop Tankyou a line and arrange a fast callout.

On-site refuel in 15 minutes

Our teams are trained and certified to provide a quick on-the-spot refueling service and help your vehicles get back to business or reach the next CNG station

No towing required!

With our service, there is no need to tow your CNG truck or bus, thereby reducing the risks for your fleet.

The Tankyou CNG breakdown refueling service… 
how does it work?

1. Run out of gas?
Call us!

Instant message us, sign into your Tankyou Pro Account or call us directly on +33 (0)1 86 76 08 88.

2. We will prepare the callout

Our teams will call you back within 15 minutes with details of the callout.

3. On-site service without any towing

Our tanker driver will fill up your vehicle so that it can reach the nearest CNG station or carry on with its itinerary.

CNG delivery with
100% safety
and 100% compliance guaranteed

Our tanker drivers are ADR-certified for carrying hazardous goods, and our equipment complies with all applicable French and European standards. In addition, our contactless delivery protocol has been certified by Bureau Veritas to guarantee flawless safety and perfectly hygienic conditions for our tanker drivers and customers.

Our advice for your CNG fleet

Do not tempt fate!

If you are worried that you might not be able to reach the nearest CNG station, give us a call and we will come to your rescue.

Create an account as soon as possible

For a quick and easy service, create an account on our website.

We’ll get their day off to a flying start

Ours is a brand new service! We would be delighted to talk with your field teams about their energy supply needs.

To help you achieve even greater headway with your energy transition plans, our R&D teams are working
on a mobile fleet refuelling solution to bring your CNG station right to your doorstep.

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Track your operations and expenses

Use your Tankyou Pro Account to keep track of all your operations and expenses.

Access your invoices 24/7

All your invoices are digitised and centralised.

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The Tankyou CNG breakdown refuelling service!

Innovative startups have proven that age is irrelevant when it comes to their ability to move the energy transition challenge forward. Tankyou is a prime example with its new CNG breakdown refuelling service, which has garnered tremendous success since its launch in May 2019!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Pro Account?

The Pro Account has been designed to provide professional users with global insights into their fuel consumption and budget. The Pro Account is also a complete management tool (modifications to your fleet, employees, etc.). Basically, it is your best ally for managing your fuel.

Who delivers the fuel?

Deliveries are performed by our super tanker drivers. They have been trained to transport and distribute fuel, and they also hold ADR certification (regulation for transporting hazardous materials). Training ensures that each tanker driver possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to operate our delivery vehicles and refuel our customers’ vehicles in complete safety.

Are payments secure?

Don’t worry! Your favourite mobile station does not keep any payment details on its website. All information is stored by its service provider (Slimpay).

What are Tankyou's opening hours?

Our fuel delivery service is available from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 9 pm. Our service will soon be available 24/7! You can also call Tankyou on +33 (0)1 86 76 08 88 from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 am and 8 pm.