Fuel delivery for your petrol fleet

We deliver every day

The advantages with Tankyou  for
your petrol fleet

Improve employee productivity

Less time spent at the pump means more time for their assignments.

Simplify your fleet’s fuel consumption management

Using the dashboard, track and control your fleet’s fuel consumption, define your performance indicators and access all your invoices.

Reduce your spending with a 7% reduction on your petrol budget

Say goodbye to unnecessary journeys, eliminate the costs and subscription fees with traditional fuel cards, and stamp out any risks of fuel fraud. You will see immediate productivity gains.

spent at petrol stations

of CO2 saved every month

saved by our customers on average

of petrol station runs shaved off your journeys

*Average statistics per month for a fleet of 20 vehicles

Our services for petrol vehicles

Take advantage of your fuel delivery to service and clean your fleet.

Servicing and maintenance

Mileage readings, batteries, etc.

Cleaning and bodywork

Disinfection and washing


Tyres, brakes, etc.


Lights, wipers, etc.

Petrol delivery

100% safety and 100% compliance guaranteed

Our tanker drivers are ADR-certified for carrying hazardous goods, and our equipment complies with all applicable French and European standards.

In addition, our contactless delivery protocol has been certified by Bureau Veritas to guarantee flawless safety and perfectly hygienic conditions for our tanker drivers and customers.

Simplified ordering and 

Order your fuel delivery online

An additional range of services according to your needs.

Track your fuel consumption and expenses

Fuel consumption per vehicle, fuel budget spent, etc.

Improve the administrative and accounting management of your fuel costs

All your invoices are digitised and centralised.

Petrol delivery with Tankyou… 
how does it work?

1. Sign into your 
Tankyou account

To order your fuel and other vehicle services.

2. Choose the address, the date and the 
vehicles that need refuelling

Either at your site or along your fleet’s itinerary with on-demand or scheduled services.

3. View your savings

Track your fuel consumption and expenses in real time on the dashboard.

Alexandre H.

“Since we’ve been using Tankyou’s services at our site in Bonneuil on the outskirts of Paris, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by cutting out round trips to the petrol station. Their fuel delivery service meets the requirements of our safety processes.”

Phillipe C.

“Tankyou’s solution is the ideal way to wipe out fuel fraud and prevent fuel consumption from slipping out of control.”

Nicolas D.

“Following a trial period, we decided to phase in Tankyou’s services at our sites. The service has proven to be a tremendous success with our drivers, since they can improve their delivery schedules while reducing their fuel consumption.”

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the service cost for professionals?

After creating a Professional account on our website, you will receive a sales proposal to reflect the amount of fuel ordered and the size of your fleet. Tankyou will offer you a price per litre and a service charge (per delivery or per vehicle).

How will we know that a vehicle has been refuelled?

After each delivery, you will instantly receive:

  • An email containing the delivery information
  • You can also view your dashboard, which features details of all your deliveries.

Who delivers the fuel?

Deliveries are performed by our super tanker drivers. They have been trained to transport and distribute fuel, and they also hold ADR certification (regulation for transporting hazardous materials). Training ensures that each tanker driver possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to operate our delivery vehicles and refuel our customers’ vehicles in complete safety.

How can I change the time of my delivery?

A snag? A hitch? No worries!

You can change your delivery slot at any time:

  • By phone on +33 (0)1 86 76 08 88
  • By email at
  • By online chat at www.tankyou.com

You can also cancel your order up to 24 working hours before the scheduled delivery time (in the event of a last-minute cancellation, Tankyou will only retain the service charges).