Red diesel delivery for your fleet of off-road vehicles

We deliver every day

The advantages with Tankyou for your red diesel vehicles and machinery

See immediate gains in productivity

With our red diesel delivery services straight to your site, your employees can focus on their assignments.

Reduce your operating costs

Reduce and bring your fleet’s fuel consumption under control and stamp out any risk of fuel fraud.

Determine the amount of red diesel required for all types of off-road vehicles and machinery

Choose the required amount online and we will deliver straight to where it is needed, whether on-site or offsite (worksite, storage tank, etc.).

The added bonus of fuel savings

Say goodbye to unnecessary journeys and the risks involved in transporting and handling red diesel.

With less mileage and wasted time, you will be an instant winner!

Our services for your red diesel storage tanks

Tank hire, connectivity, real-time tracking, scheduled refuelling, maintenance…

Fuel tank hire 2.0

Hire, refuelling, maintenance…

Red diesel delivery for

100% safety and 100% compliance guaranteed

Tankyou offers daytime red diesel delivery in complete safety to your base of operations, worksites, boats… just name the place!

In addition, our contactless delivery protocol has been certified by Bureau Veritas to guarantee flawless safety and perfectly hygienic conditions for our tanker drivers and customers.

A tool specifically designed for professionals

Order your red diesel delivery online

Choose the delivery times and locations according to your vehicle activity.

Track your fuel consumption and expenses

Keep tabs on fuel consumption for each vehicle and piece of machinery (real time and history), the fuel budget spent, and so on.

Improve the administrative and accounting management of your fuel costs

Access your centralised electronic invoices using the same tool.

Red diesel delivery with Tankyou… 
how does it work?

1. Sign into your 
Tankyou Pro Account

To order your red diesel delivery (in Paris or Lille).

2. Schedule your ad-hoc or regular fuel deliveries

Ensure that your fleet is always ready to hit the road and save time with deliveries from 150 litres.

3. Enjoy a quick and effective red diesel delivery service

By providing easy access to your fleet or storage tank.

Arnaud D.

“Tankyou is a fast-acting partner who is capable of supplying small quantities of fuel, which is a rare occurrence in the marketplace.”

Nicolas F.

“Since 2018, we’ve been using Tankyou’s red diesel delivery service, which lets us scale our fuel consumption to our needs.”

Olivier T.

“With Tankyou’s assistance, we’ve simplified access to the diesel storage tanks and reduced safety risks on campus.”

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the service cost for professionals?

After creating a Professional account on our website, you will receive a sales proposal to reflect the amount of fuel ordered and the size of your fleet. Tankyou will offer you a price per litre and a service charge (per delivery or per vehicle).

Are payments secure?

Don’t worry! Your favourite mobile station does not keep any payment details on its website. All information is stored by its service provider (Slimpay).

What are the payment times for professionals?

Payments for professionals are debited every 10 days. For example, all deliveries between the 1st and 7th of the month will be debited on the 10th.

How do I access my Pro Account?

Once your account has been created and your sales proposal approved by the sales team, you will be able to access your online account and place your orders directly online.