Innovative solutions geared towards the specific needs of local authorities

Several public sector references

A complete alternative to fuel cards

A complete service platform

Including a fuel delivery service and on-site vehicle servicing and cleaning services.

Energy transition

We can provide our services where your vehicles are parked, thereby reducing your CO2 emissions.

Cost savings

Increase team productivity, reduce wasted miles, whip your fuel budget into shape and lower your vehicle servicing costs.

Fuel delivery

Gain greater control over your fleet’s fuel consumption

Our fuel delivery service is a simple and effective solution for:

Enhancing operational safety

Say goodbye to the hassle of transporting your fuel from one site to another. Our mobile stations can refuel your vehicles and machinery directly where they are parked.

Making everyday life easier for your local field agents

Special machinery, such as lawn tractors, can be refuelled both safely and easily. Thanks to our services, trips to the petrol station will become a thing of the past, as will the risks of fuel fraud, losses and thefts.

Improving services for the local community

Our services are key to enhancing community satisfaction by ensuring that your commercial vehicles and other machinery are available 100% of the time.

Car Care Services by Tankyou

Vehicle cleaning and maintenance services

Order your on-site maintenance services

Forget about the hassle of taking your vehicles along to the local garage.

Always drive in complete safety

Increase agent safety through regular servicing and preventive maintenance.

Track your performance indicators

For each individual vehicle in your online account.

vehicles refuelled every month

companies that trust our services every day

of CO2 saved every month

spent at petrol stations

(average per month for a fleet of 20 vehicles)

Why choose Tankyou?

Services featuring reliable and qualified personnel

Our tanker drivers are our employees. They have been trained to deliver and transport hazardous substances and materials. We can set up a service continuity plan scaled to your needs with the aim of ensuring seamless service performance.

An innovative service recognised by your peers and applicable regulations

On 1 February 2019, Tankyou received the Award for Innovation from the Regional Public Procurement Observatory (ORCP) for the Hauts-de-France area from ORCP President Jean-Paul Delevoye and Regional Prefect Michel Lalande de Jean-Paul Delevoye (Président de l’ORCP) et Michel Lalande (Préfet de Région). Our service qualifies as an innovative purchase according to the provisions of French Regulation 2018-1225 of 24 December 2018 on public procurement agreements. A trial scheme can be set up for a maximum amount of €100,000 ex. VAT.

Tankyou: a solid company with a strong reputation

Since the company was founded in May 2017, Tankyou has delivered over 10 million litres. Our tanker drivers currently deliver over 500,000 litres every month to more than 400 customers.


A tool specifically designed for local authorities

Improved fleet management

You can harness the operational data from Tankyou to manage all your commercial vehicles and machinery in painstaking detail, as well as reorganise your fleet for even greater performance and efficiency.

Easy management

The solution centralises your invoices and fuel budget. Invoices are compatible with the Chorus Pro platform and your fleet management software.

Lower CO2 emissions

Keep tabs on your fleet’s carbon footprint in real time. The Tankyou service is compatible with your sustainable development goals (Agenda 21, Territorial Climate, Air & Energy Plan, eco-friendly policies, etc.)

Daphnée D.

“After Tankyou tendered for one of our public procurement contracts, their support proved invaluable in helping our employees use their time more effectively.”

Services offering easy implementation

1. Create your Tankyou online account

Provide details about your local authority and your fleet.

2. Define your requirements with Tankyou’s teams

Bespoke services tailored to the vehicles and machinery in your fleet.

3. Schedule services at regular intervals

Say goodbye to the problems of managing shared vehicles. Your agents can rest assured that their vehicles will be ready as they head off on their next assignment.

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Tankyou South-West Paris

Tankyou South-East Paris

Tankyou Lyon

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Frequently asked questions

Which vehicles and machinery are eligible for Tankyou's services?

Our solution can be tailored to suit every type of vehicle, whether personal vehicles, light commercial vehicles, minibuses, tractors, road sweepers, lawn tractors or small equipment for maintaining green spaces.

What types of fuel are available?

We deliver the following types of fuel:

  • Diesel
  • Premium diesel
  • Premium unleaded (95 RON)
  • Premium unleaded (95 RON-E10)
  • Super unleaded (98 RON)
  • Red diesel for boats, agricultural machinery and forestry vehicles

We also provide a CNG breakdown refuelling service across the Greater Paris region.

As a local authority, how do we go about working with Tankyou?

If you require an occasional delivery worth less than €25K, you can place your order directly.

Is the Tankyou service available everywhere?

Nearly! Our tanker drivers can refuel your vehicles if you are based in:

  • Paris and the Greater Paris region
  • Lille (main city)
  • Lyon (main city, urban community and the Greater Lyon region)

We are developing our service to provide deliveries in new cities across France.